Lisbon Cultural Passport Nurture Email Package

Lisbon Portugal Europe 

8 Customizable Lisbon Cultural Insight Emails to Inform, Nurture and Prepare Your Clients Prior to Their Departure.

Topics Covered Include:

  • An Intro: A Guide for Visitors
  • Exploring the Language: A Guide for Visitors
  • Exploring the Food: A Guide for Visitors
  • What You Should Know About the Tipping Culture
  • A Look into the Cultural Values and Social Norms
  • Exploring the Religious Diversity: A Guide for Visitors
  • Exploring the Cultural Heritage: A Guide to its Music, Art and History 
  • Maximizing Your Trip: The Must-Have Travel Apps You Need
  • Practical Tips

Links to fully designed and customizable Gmail Template and Canva Links

Link to Customizable Destination Guide

Link to Customizable Language Guide

Link to Customizable Dishes to Try PDF

Link to Customizable Apps to Download PDF

How to Video - Setting Up Your Emails (both for Gmail and Canva)

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